Switching To Vaping Could Save How Much Money?!

Recently, Australians have been hit hard by governmental regulations cracking down on “quitting devices” (a.k.a. electronic cigarettes) and it’s driving people to continue their smoking habits. The Therapeutic Goods Administration has now ruled to keep vaping illegal. Without feasible nicotine replacement options available, those who are stuck smoking cigarettes are now even less likely to quit.  


A new study has found that financially stressed smokers are more often than not skipping meals rather than cigarettes; the more those smokers are driven into poverty, the lower the chance of them quitting becomes. According to a recent poll, there’s an estimated 2.6 million daily smokers in Australia – almost 15% of the adult population. These numbers are heavily concentrated in poorer areas. Australia’s Department of Health published a report of numbers on their own website showcasing that people in poor areas are three times more likely to smoke every day than people in higher socio-economic areas – 20 percent as compared to only 6.7 percent for the latter demographic.


Dr. Colin Mendelsohn, a Tobacco treatment specialist at the University of New South Wales School of Public Health, has calculated that a pack-a-day smoker using 20 cigarettes per day spends $7,300 yearly. That number increases by 12.5% each year with tobacco taxes added in. Mendelsohn, by contrast, then calculated the cost of vaping with nicotine – and that number came out to be $1,150 per year. This would come out to an annual saving of over $6,000 for every smoker who made the transition. The government ignores the recent study that demonstrates vaping being 95% safer than traditional tobacco, while they continually allow deadly, cancer-causing tobacco products to line the shelves of stores cross-country. Vaping is not only a significantly less harmful method of nicotine delivery, but is also 85% cheaper than cigarettes!


This analysis came just a few days after the release of another academic study describing that hiking up cigarette prices made it more difficult for poor people to quit. For those who continue to smoke while cigarette prices rise, financial stress will be exacerbated and they’ll be unlikely to quit. The correlation between poverty and smoking is striking. Smokers are twice as likely than ex- and non-smokers to go without eating and pawn their belongings due to lack of funds. The fact that welfare groups still haven’t made available smoking cessation services is perplexing doctors, health researchers, and scientists everywhere. Australia’s zero-tolerance policy for electronic cigarettes is extremely unlike their counterparts in the UK, and people all over the country are at wit’s end wondering how to get their voices heard by the government.


We at Vape Capitol strongly support vaping as an effective and safe method of quitting smoking. We will continue to report as we hear more on this topic. Vape Capitol stands behind all of the researchers and health professionals dedicating their time and lives to helping those who are suffering under smoking addictions. Public health will always come before special interests, and one day we hope to see vaping recognized and commended as the best solution for nicotine replacement therapy in the world. 



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Doctor Backs Up Vaping – It’s About Harm Reduction

The people of South Africa have found themselves in the middle of a heated and complex debate regarding e-cigarette use. Dr. Kgosi Letlape, the president of the Health Professions Council of South Africa, has surfaced as an adamant supporter of vaping as an effective harm reduction strategy for ex-smokers. When asked whether vaping was a safer alternative to smoking, Letlape exclaimed that it “shouldn’t even be a contest.” He stated that rather than harm “elimination,” the main focus should be shifted to harm reduction; Smokers should be able to have a choice in what they are allowed to use to help them get off of cigarettes. Even though non-smokers shouldn’t be encouraged to vape, the most important focus is on helping those who DO smoke, and are trying to stop. Having a multitude of options available to those willing to make this important lifestyle change is imperative.


Dr. Letlape’s stance on vaping has generated public opposition in the form of South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Mtosoaledi. He states that vaping is “as bad” as tobacco and should be banned from the country. However, worldwide advocates for vaping continue to stand their ground in the face of adversity. Last year’s study released by Public Health England revealed that vaping is 95% less dangerous than smoking a cigarette. A judge in New York ruled that vaping was NOT the same as smoking and distinctly defined the act of smoking as the “burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or another matter or substance which contains tobacco.”


Considering all the evidence, vaping supporters and opposers continue to clash over whether it should be banned, regulated or promoted as a safer substitute for smoking. Some in South Africa have taken these bodies of evidence and scholarly study reports with a grain of sand, claiming still that there is not enough information to “prove” that e-cigarettes are healthier. However, those in support worry that over-regulating vaping would “protect Big Tobacco by eliminating competition from the open market.”


There will be more to come on this topic in South Africa, as the battle is far from over between Dr. Letlape, his dedicated colleagues and the world.